All written materials need to be proofread. Whether it is a dissertation or you are writing for other channels, proofreading is an important aspect of writing. Some of the proofreading guides that make it easier are:

Be Mentally Prepared

Do not think that proofreading is a simple act of casually going through text and passing it off as complete. It is a rigorous and thorough process where you will be required to read the copy word by word and ensure that what you are reading makes sense. You need to be mentally prepared so that you d not get frustrated in the middle of it.

Remove All Distractions

When you are doing proofreading, you should not have distractions such as a phone, social media or even the television making noise in the background. You need a calm space where all your concentration is on the work you are reading; to avoid missing out some errors because you got distracted. If possible, have a room that you can solely stay in so that you do not get distracted.

Print It

Unless you are confident that you will be able to spot mistakes on screen, you should go the old fashion way and print out everything. It is easier to spot the mistake when it is in print that when it is on screen. The scrolling on a computer or phone can also make you miss out on a line or two especially when dealing with figures.

Take Breaks

If you start feeling like your eyes are tired and your interest is waning, it is advisable to take a break. Breaks are important because you get to channel more energy when you return, and your body feels less tired, so you are unlikely to doze off.

Use Technology

If you decide to use your computer when proofreading, you should use technology to your advantage. Things like quantitative analysis can be done using apps.