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Methods to be Followed to Write a Professional Dissertation

Dissertations papers are those which are submitted by the students of undergraduate programs to present the findings of their research work. All the methodologies followed by the students in their research work are organized into the form of a dissertation. So it is very important to take utmost care while writing a dissertation paper. Generally a dissertation paper must follow a prescribed format. This format varies in different universities. This article discuss about the methods to be followed to prepare a professional dissertation paper.

Selection of Topic
You must have to do a lot of brainstorming for choosing a dissertation topic. From the topics obtained after brainstorming choose the topic which is relevant and best matches with your area of interest. Submit the topic to your academic advisor and get approval.

Conducting Research
Various methods like experiments, survey, questionnaire etc. are followed for conducting the research. The method followed depends on the topics chosen for the research. Make sure to complete the research within the specified time schedule. More details about this topic are not provided since the article mainly focuses on preparation of the dissertation paper.

Format of a Professional Dissertation Paper
Here we discuss about the general format of dissertation followed by universities. Make sure to check the format prescribed by your university.

1. Title
It is the front most page of your dissertation. It must include the title of dissertation, author’s name, name of the institution or university, academic advisor’s name, date of submission and necessary email ids.

2. Proposal
Proposal page must include details like aim of the research, methods followed in the research, results obtained, conclusion of the research and its significance. All the above specified details must be briefed in the research proposal.

3. Index Page
It must include all the headings, subheadings, list of figures, list of tables and their respective page numbers.

4. Introduction
This section must begin with an attractive sentence that forces the readers to trust your work and proceed reading your entire dissertation paper. This section must include details about the previous research work on your dissertation topic and what are the new contributions you are going to make. Here provide a brief detail about the methods you have conducted, conclusions and findings of your research etc. Also describe the scope of your research.

5. Methods
Various methodologies are followed depending on the topic of the research. All the details regarding the methods must be described in this section. It may include names of the methods used, experiments conducted, details of the survey, names of instruments used, calculations, details of algorithms used etc.

6. Results
The results obtained from the various methods used in the research must be stated here. It may include all the details irrespective of whether it is positive or negative. Tables, diagrams, graphs etc. be included in support of the results. State the results in the order of its relevance.

7. Discussion
Here you may specify your new findings compared with the already existing facts about the topic. You can state your opinions and the scope of future studies to be conducted on the topic. Conclude your dissertation by stating your observations, new knowledge you have obtained from the study etc.

9. Acknowledgements, References and Appendices
These are the last three sections of the dissertation paper. In the acknowledgement section you can specified the persons who have helped you technically, financially and intellectually. In reference section list all the details cited in the paper .It must include details like name of author title of the journal etc.

Here we discussed the methods to be followed to prepare a professional dissertation paper. Prepare the paper by considering your audience. Most important thing is to be sincere in your research work. Any sort of plagiarism may even cost your degree. Check the paper for grammatical and spelling errors prior to submission. Thus if you strictly follow the above specified methods you will be able to prepare a professional dissertation paper.


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