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How to Write an Argumentative Dissertation Paper?

Argumentative research papers are one among the most prominent type of research papers. In an argumentative paper, we make a strong statement supporting one side of the topic. The main aim of this paper is to make readers agree with our argument by stating various facts that support our argument. However a good argumentative research paper must follow certain criteria as stated in this article.
An argumentative dissertation paper must follow the general format of a dissertation. It should have all the titles and heading in the same order of an ordinary dissertation. The way in which information is presented makes an argumentative dissertation different from others.
First of all an argumentative paper must present both sides of an issue. Facts and citations supporting both sides of the argument must be stated. Though we are expected to support only one side of the argument, the paper should not look supporting a single motive. Findings and studies of researchers regarding both sides of the argument should be well stated in this paper.
Secondly we must have to present our point of view regarding the argument. Here we clearly state which side of the argument which we are supporting. Our argument must be backed by strong facts and other sources of information. Our aim is to make the readers agree with our stand by providing logical information in support of the argument.

A good research is the base of all dissertation papers. Information in support of our argument must be gathered using various research techniques. Results of the research obtained in favor of your argument must be stated in an effective manner.
While writing an argumentative research paper we must follow a logical approach. All the information presented in favor of the argument must be logically understandable to the readers. Never use unnecessary and irrelevant facts to support your argument. Be genuine while using information in favor of your argument.

Your paper must be credible. Readers should not get an opportunity to question the credibility of your paper. In the conclusion of the dissertation, state the results obtained from various research techniques. Results must be stated as such whether it is in favor of your argument or not. Never try to manipulate the results.

A good argumentative dissertation paper should incorporate all the information as stated above. It should have a statement that clears your side of the argument. Each paragraph of the paper must be logically connected with each other. Evidences in support of your argument must be provided. Proper sources of information regarding these evidences must be included in the paper. It is necessary to give citations of these information sources. These are the features that distinguish an argumentative dissertation paper from other dissertations.


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