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Key Features of an Interpretive Dissertation

There are different ways to approach a dissertation paper. Distinguishing what sort of research paper to utilize is basic as it will decide how you will compose your paper. This will likewise help you since you will get to know the goals of your paper, and consequently give a general bearing to you as an author and analyst. Generally, the types of research paper they expect are specified by the instructors. But in certain occasions writers are given with the freedom to choose their format. Choosing the right format for the research paper will greatly help in various factors like the time management and overall success of the work. Interpretive dissertation is one among the major types of dissertation paper.
An interpretive dissertation, as the name suggests demands the interpretive skills of the writer. These papers are generally associated with the fields of literature, humanities and social sciences. In this paper students are expected to utilize the theoretical knowledge that they have gained in order to interpret a particular case. For example, in the field of literature students will be asked to interpret a novel or a particular character in it. Here the writers would already have a thorough knowledge of the novel. Based on it they have to analyze the plot of the novel or the personal behaviors of its character. Thus a proper interpretation from the writer’s point of view can be drawn. In this type of dissertation instructors test for the critical and analytical thinking skills of the writers.

In an interpretive dissertation students have to present their findings backed by strong supporting data. Here students interpret the research topic based on their theoretical knowledge. But this doesn’t mean that they are free. Ideas presented by them should be supported by a list of strong statements. One of the main advantage of the interpretive dissertation is that here we use a qualitative approach to do the research. So we are able find the hidden reasons behind the several complex and interrelated social processes. Another advantage of this paper is that here we can construct a new theory were a previous theory does not exist. Apart from this they are fit for examining setting particular, novel, or eccentric occasions or procedures. One of the disadvantages of the interpretive dissertation is that it is more time consuming compared to a quantitative research approach. All the data sources available for the research may not be credible or unbiased. This may lead to false assumptions.

Some of the key features of an interpretive dissertation are discussed in this article. The format of a dissertation paper distinguishes it from various types of research papers. The main thing to be cared while writing an interpretive dissertation is that though we are free to express our opinion, it must be backed by valid evidences and supporting statements.


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