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Thank you for choosing We aim to provide you with the highest quality dissertation/thesis writing services. If at any time you have a question or a problem we will do everything within reason to help you achieve academic success. By placing your order with you, the "Customer" shall agree that you have read and fully understand the following terms and conditions of this user agreement.

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We are ready to revise your paper as many times as needed/until you get satisfied. To receive your free revision we require that you provide your request for a revision within 2 months of the completion date. If your revision request falls within these guidelines we will happily revise your order to meet your initial requirements free of charge. The instructions or assignment may not be changed from the original order to comply with our revision policy.

Refund Guarantee

We also provide money back guarantee, but only when there is an issue of plagiarism detected in the content prepared by our writers. However, you are supposed to prove plagiarism with an authentic plagiarism report issued by their college/university authority. We accept '' report as an authentic report to plagiarism. On finding plagiarism, we will first rectify it with the same writer or a different writer and get it done within the time set by you. In no other case the company shall be obliged to pay back clients' money for the service given. All refunds and cancellations should be communicated and expressed in writing by using your account in our website portal or can be e-mailed to our support department (Email- [email protected]). It is the sole discretion the Administration of the to approve or disapprove your request on an individual case by case basis.

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Use of the stolen/unauthenticated usage of credit cards is prohibited and is considered to be a serious offense. We closely work with authorities such as Bank and credit card issuing companies to fight cyber crime and we will report all the fraudulent orders to concerned agencies of law applicable to you and your country. Be advised that any unauthorized use of a stolen credit card is prohibited by law and will be reported to the applicable law enforcement agencies for further investigation. We work in tandem with the authorities to fight cyber crime and report all fraudulent orders for prosecution.

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